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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 18, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> it was the closest plane i could find. i was going west. >> a kpix5 exclusive. tonight, the bay area teenager who stowed away to maui tells all. >> and he talked only to betty yu. betty? >> reporter: ken, you know it all started here at the san jose airport. since yahya flew back, he is staying at a foster home, but he is leaving soon. he told me he had planned to leave the san jose airport. he planned to run away and he
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wanted to go to africa. >> can you believe that you survived that kind of trip? >> uh, no. >> reporter: he's the boy who stowed away from san jose to maui hidden in a wheel well. the 15-year-old says he crouched down and remembers covering his ears as the plane took off. he says at 35,000 feet, he was sitting on the shell of the plane. >> i could see through the little holes. >> you could see the holes? you could see the ocean and the clouds below you? >> yeah. >> was it scary? >> no. >> reporter: he says he has regained his hearing. he ran away was he was happy. it had nothing to do with his troubles at school. >> reporter: what do you want people to know about why you did what you did?
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>> i only did it because i didn't want to live with my step mom. i wanted to find my mom. i haven't seen her since i was young. >> reporter: he says he hasn't seen his birth mom since he was seven years old and desperately misses her. she lives in a refugee camp in ethiopia. he spoke to her for the first time today on the phone. these days he is doing normal teenager things. >> been going to the movie theater and playing video games. >> reporter: yahya says he had planned to hop the plane for some time, but advises against others who want to breach security. >> you shouldn't run away. you could end up dying. >> reporter: well yahya will be a junior in high school this fall.
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he tells us after graduation, he plans to join the army and on leaving in minneapolis very soon to live with his aunt. because of what happened, he mentioned there is a question at this point as to whether the tsa will clear him to fly. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. tonight, a reminder that fire season is here. a grass fire threatened homes in antioch. cate caugurian is there. >> reporter: liz, firefighters just cleared the area. they are standing by, with this many homes nearby, they didn't want to risk any flairups. this fire grew big and fast just as many of them were sitting down for dinner. contra costa fire showed up in the area, knocked down neighbor's backyard fences trying to get to the flames before they spread. the fire grew about four acres before they could contain it. >> the thing that helped us was the weather was cooperating today.
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if it had been a different weather day, we would have had a different outcome. >> the flames were over the houses and it was bigger. it hit a tree. after that, it was just high flames for the rest of the time. >> reporter: the good news, it doesn't spread to any homes or the nearby elementary school. only one person was injured and treated for smoke inhalation. the firefighters are going to be back here tomorrow morning to get a bether look at what happened. cate caugurian, kpix5. looks like someone is setting fire in the oakland hills. there were five just this afternoon. fire officials say it is kind of fishy considering they all broke down in a diamond canyon park area around the same time. >> we are calling them suspicious in nature. they were started with open flame. we have not been able to determine the exact location they were started. >> no one was hurt, and no structures were threatened. tonight, oakland police say they figured out thousand this bullet hole got into the
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federal courthouse in oakland. it probably came from a stray shot in a street shooting friday night. the feds will look at beefing up security. we are getting information about the plan to bring highly explosive oil to the bay area by train. joe vasquez has more. >> reporter: this new report puts into writing what a lot of folks out here have been talking about for some time. that volero oil plans to bring two trains of oil a day. one at night and another in the early afternoon. >> sheer is the environmental impact report we have been waiting for about a year. >> reporter: marilyn just got the report this afternoon. >> what kind of cost are we being asked to accept in terms of risk? when we are bringing in trains that would contain this much oil at any one time being brought into cities and threw
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very sensitive ecology? >> reporter: some of the folks here are nervous about the new rail plan. they have seen the news reports about the six major incidents this past year across north america where trains crashed spilling millions of gallons of crude oil. this crash in canada resulted in explosions. 47 people died and many downtown buildings were destroyed. but today's report declares the risk of an accident here would be extremely low. so rare, that a spill of 100 gallons of crude oil or more would only happen once every 111 years. >> well, you know it only takes one accident. and it takes one displacement of one rail or a misaligned wheel on one of those cars and this could happen and i don't think they are being honest about how you use statistics here. >> reporter: the reports say that this new plan to have trains transport the oil would have some impact on air
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pollution, but get this, it would be significantly less than the current plan which is bringing it in by boat. reporting live in benecia, joe vasquez, kpix5. tonight, the oakland city council passed the resolution to be the first city opposed to shipping all fossil fuels by rail. the resolution is largely symbolic since the federal government makes the rules about the railroads. surveillance cameras watching everyone driving into and out of town. surveillance videos of people's homes have been great tools for catching burglars. street cameras can help too. the cameras will take pictures of cars driving in and out of the city and also scan everyone's license plates. a car slammed into a hearse carrying a body to the cemetery. this happened this afternoon at mcarthor and martin luther king jr. way. the driver of the car said he
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had a green light and didn't see the funeral procession. >> i feel sorry. i'm truly apologizing to that father family, but i'm not in the wrong. the feds say they got him. the man accused of master minding the benghazi attack in libya. four americans were killed on september 11, 2012 including u.s. ambassador christopher stevenning, a ec berkeley grad. the plan to capture ahmed abu khatallah has been on the books for years, but this is the first chance they have had. >> reporter: after word leaked last summer that he had been charged by the u.s. justice
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department, courses say khatallah became more cautious and changed locations joined by a few close friends. but u.s. tracked him south of benghazi. fbi agents got on the home and captured khatallah without firing a shot. no one was hurt. >> he is no longer on the streets. and he will be held accountable. he will be tried in a court of law here in the united states. >> reporter: khatallah is now on a u.s. navy ship in the mediterranean where he is being questioned. officials want information about coconspirators and threats. >> the operation lasted minutes and went like clock work. not a single shot was fired. this woman is accused of
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kidnapping her daughter because she did not want her immunized. >> tonight, meet the bay area runner who just won't quit. he finished the race while having a heart attack. >> and, we are going to take you inside an old mcdonalds where bay area scientists are so this board gives me rates on progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive and they're them. -yes. -but they're here. -yes. -are you... -there? -yes. -no. -are you them? i'm me. but the lowest rate is from them. -yes. -so them's best rate is... here. so where are them? -aren't them here? -i already asked you that. -when? -feels like a while ago. want to take it from the top? rates for us and them. now that's progressive.
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approved a $6 million loan to keep doctors medical center in san pablo open. that loan will be repaid over three years as the hospital explores more long term solutions including a major downsize. well it is one of the toughest and oldest foot races. the dipsea race course from mill valley to stinson beach. tonight, linda yee talked to a marin county man who ran the whole thing while suffering a heart attack. >> reporter: this is 72-year- old wolfgang zech at the dipsea race finish line. a 7.5-mile course he ran suffering chest pains. he caught it was heartburn. turns out, it was a heart attack. >> my body was not feeling too bad except for the chest pains. >> reporter: the dipsea is a grueling race up and down trails, steep hills, and steps. this is the first of three flights of stairs. 684 steps, as tall as a 50 story building. and guess what?
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this isn't even the hard part yet. but wolfgang zech pushed on. chest pains increasing as he approached cardiac hill. a 1200-foot rise. >> cardiac hill will never be the same for me. [ laughter ] it is sort of, oops. pardon the pun. >> reporter: he has done this 44 consecutive years, but that darn heart attack made it his slowest race by 25 minutes. at the end. he went to the emergency room. doctors could not believe it. >> everybody was stunned. they are all in awe. in shock. looking at this guy, not looking all that bad. telling him, you just ran the dipsea having a heart attack. >> reporter: doctors inserted two stints into a coronary artery that was 95% blocked. so is this the end of wolfgang's running days?
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>> i will run my 45th consecutive dipsea next june, 2015. >> reporter: he starts training in two months. in mill valley, linda yee, kpix5. >> wolfgang's father died of a heart attack at his same age, 72. tonight, a mother is accused of kidnaps her two-year- old daughter so she wouldn't have to be immunized. two-year-old lily in florida. the only clue left behind, a note on a nap tin says if i let them take her and vaccinate her and brainwash her, i wouldn't be doing what is right. >> right after court, the next day, she said through an e- mail, i don't want my doctor vaccinated and if you don't like it, you can take me back to court. >> the two could be in virginia at a confederate protest. a warrant is out for megan's arrest. california will not be the
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first state to slap warning labels on soda and other sugary drinks. a bill died in the state assembly committee today after a close vote. supporters said the labels would have educated people about the link between sugar and diabetes, but some democratic lawmakers said they doubted the labels would change anyone's behavior. if you have been shopping lately, this won't be a surprise. the price of meat, poultry, fish, and eggs, is at an all time high. tonight, in and out is raising its prices. double double 15 cents more. hamburgers and cheese burgers up 10 cents ands drinks an extra 5 cents. a group of bay area scientists have turned an old fast food restaurant into mission control. >> this is a good one. andria borba shows us how they are trying to bring a zombie satellite back to earth. >> reporter: inside this old mcdonalds, they are not asking
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would you like fries with that, but dude, where's my satellite? the old menu board has pictures of the moon and a death star. no longer burgers here, but aerospace codes getting cracked. it is called the ic3 reboot project. the goal to wrangle a satellite launched in 1978. >> it has been orbiting ever since and in that amount of time, the equipment to communicate with it has been thrown out. so now it is coming back, and no one can talk to it. >> reporter: nasa's budget was busted so this motley crew of engineers took on the supersized task of saving the satellite. >> why can't we? >> reporter: problem one, talking to the satellite that collects solar data. despite its age, they say it is still collecting important data. >> it tells you a lot. >> reporter: in layman's terms,
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potential climate change data. >> this spacecraft could give us knowledge that would help us to understand more about how the sun influences the earth's climate. >> reporter: a project made new all under the old golden arches. andria borba, kpix5. >> the ic3 project will be sending their data back all the way to nasa as well as a live stream for the public to look at as the information comes down. back here on earth, a mama duck and her ducklings got a little lost and ended uptaking a little detour to a little downtown burlinggame avenue. they drew quite a crowd there. eager to get them out of harm's way, and make sure they were a little bit fed. a passer by scooped them up and dropped them in a nearby lake. isn't that nice? >> it is so nice. >> the right thing to do. >> and you almost made a nursery rhyme right there i think.
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>> who does not like baby duck ins. >> it is impossible. >> and zombie satellites. >> what a transition. >> zombie satellites to cute little ducklings. >> we are fully informed. as soon as the weather is finished. here is a peek outside of what happened earlier today. baa a beautiful sunset. not a cloud in the sky. we were clear at the coast, all throughout the bay area. live neighborhood network, a great looking sunset tonight. 28 miles separate ocean beach from walnut creek. both had full sunshine start to finish. sam amount of sunshine. ocean beach, your high 60, 25 degrees warmer in wall mutt creek. only in the bay area could we do that. 25 degrees over 28 miles. east palo alto, beautiful day. sunshine, mild, 78 degrees for you. on thursday, morning cloud cover is back with a high of 75. a big time wind yesterday. big time sunshine today. same reason. low pressure.
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now it is moving away from us giving us a north wind that scoured out all of the cloud cover. as the low moves out, no longer an issue for our weather. moving in is a big area of high pressure. it will be the warmest day of the week. then it sits in the perfect, perfect spot for thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday. five straight days with a light on shore flow. we get the light afternoon sunshine, but not the big time heat because we have the ocean influence. so great weather for you toe get out over the next several days. little if any cloud cover tonight. third night in a row with no fog in san francisco in june. what is going on? tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. can't get outside tomorrow, don't worry. saturday and sunday are both looking good as well. san francisco, 69 degrees tomorrow. two degrees warmer than today. san jose, also two degrees above average, your average is 81 so you are hitting 83 tomorrow. fremont, sunshine, 77 degrees.
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pittsburgh, you hit 90 tomorrow. pleasant hill 88. san ramon, 88. alameda, 73. novato. 80. a couple of degrees cooler thursday. that is where we stay. mid 80s through the weekend with unshine inland. low 70s near the bay with morning cloud cover, lots of blue sky in the afternoon. blue sky in the afternoon. staying comfortable at the inside each of us is a little bit of minion. blue sky in the afternoon. staying comfortable at the the part of us that wants to play, wants to be mischievous, wants to run free, all you have to do is let it out. find your inner minion only at the despicable me minion mayhem ride at universal studios hollywood. the mustard seed that makes french's yellow mustard. 100% natural from me to you.
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toaster strudel! don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. year's u-s women s open. at 11 years youngest playe >> okay, tonight, we are hearing from a golf phenomenon about to compete in the u.s. open. >> she is the youngest ever. >> the national, two months. i mean, that is just amazing. [ laughter ] it is mind blowing for me. i just want to go out there and have fun and play the best i ask and i really don't care about the outcome. i just want to have fun. and learn. i want to learn a lot from these great players. >> she has a great attitude.
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they tee off thursday at pinehurst number 2 in north carolina. >> it has to be a mistake right? she is actually 21, not 11. >> 11? >> 11 years old. >> i'm not buying it. >> and we wish we had that kind of game. that's the thing. 11 years ode. the guys who probably shouldn't be playing golf anymore. mandatory attendance does not mean everybody is there. the niner no-shows at mini camp. camp. and baffling so i get invited to quite a few family gatherings. heck, i saved judith here a fortune with discounts like safe driver, multi-car, paperless. you make a mighty fine missus, m'lady. i'm not saying mark's thrifty. let's just say, i saved him $519, and it certainly didn't go toward that ring. am i right? [ laughs ] [ dance music playing ] so visit today. i call this one "the robox."
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however... the headline-ers >> hi everybody, i'm scott reese. even mini camp makes headlines. where the 49ers are concerned, the headliners are not the guys who are there there. the guys who are not there like eric wright who is retiring at age 28. played just zone games in his only season in san francisco. then vernon davis and alex
2:06 am
boone. neither is beginning the season in the coach's good graces. >> i'm disappointed in that decision for them not to be here. not the decision that envisioned being the 49er way. and really nothing more to be said about it. the focus would be on what is going on here. >> giants, white sox, remember sunday, buster posey got his belt wrung in the foul ball. tonight, victor sanchez feeling the pain. he would be okay. busted open in the middle inning. they win 8-2. matt cane is 1-5. drew pomeranz on the disabled list. pinch hitter derrick norris. have a season why don't you? three one shot. more norris in the 8th inning.
2:07 am
two run double. he and john jaso combined would be an mvp candidate. the as tie the giants now for best record in baseball. we effect perfected a sharks shakeup. didn't expect it to extend to the broadcast booth. long time analyst drew romando will not return to the 14th season on the mike. the team decided not to renew his contract. can't have a tuesday night without the tuesday night top five. number five world cup. the russian keeper, igor. they give yo the gloves. korea and russia played to a draw. how to you pass 15 innings? this tcu player wears many hats. virginia beat them in 15. number 3, coco. how about that catch? that is pretty. number two.
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petaluma's own jonny gomes. no idea where the baseball is. fortunately, brock holt does. that is called having your teammate's back. number one, we bring it full circle. not her, this guy. guiellermo. for mexico. they get a 0-0 draw against brazil in ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30. >> david letterman is next with
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